Why choose us?

"We are thinking in terms of teams, we work together with the partners who we create cloth with which is built permanently, because the strong cloth endures tall orders." Lengyel Kálmán,
Cozy working environment, opportunities for leisure activities in the office punching bag, foosball, table tennis, mini basketball, Soccer weekly and company Go-Kart monthly, but we are open for a unique demand also.
Everyday fruit, coffee, tea and muesli Infinite coffee leads to infinite ideas – We are continuously supplying our colleagues with fresh fruits, unlimited coffee, oatbars and icecreams to make sure that they are working in a comfortable environment.
Internal education, mentor programme for juniors We are providing our colleagues with subscriptions to online courses, therefore our colleagues can always stay up to date with the latest technologies. Every new colleague in our team also gets a mentor, so whenever a question comes up, there is always someone to turn to.
Company events in informal atmosphere Trimestrial „think outside the box” presentations, company pizza parties and other programmes.
Family-friendly workplace We are supporting our colleagues with families by providing a company babysitter, part-time working hours, the possibility of home office and remote work and even financial aids for mothers to be.
Competitive Income Benchmarking every six months, possibility for dynamic growth.

Open positions

Contact Center Area In this area we work with Avaya technologies, we build and operate smaller larger contact centers. Our clients are mostly large companies or administrative companies performing state functions.
Custom Application Development In this area we develop unique softwares mostly in JAVA language. Our clients are mostly public companies, multinational companies and Churches.
Széchenyi 2020