INNObyte Informatikai Zrt. is one of the founding members of the Hungarian Drone Coalition (MDK). The founders of MDK are convinced that decisive action is needed in the industry of unmanned aerial vehicles in order to strengthen Hungarian enterprises and technology in the face of increasingly fierce international competition.

The organisation was created at the initiative of the Ministry for Innovation and Technology, the Széchenyi István University, the Budapest University of Technology and Economics and HungaroControl Zrt. for the purpose of assisting in the development of a suitable regulatory framework and to support Hungarian companies and industry players involved in the use of unmanned aerial vehicles and the related technologies in order to improve their competitiveness at a rate that is measurable at the scale of the national economy.

The Hungarian Drone Coalition is not a legal entity, but instead a platform for cooperation established on the grounds of the voluntary participation and professional contribution of its founders. Its objectives include:

  • helping Hungary become a global leader in the use of unmanned aerial vehicles as soon as possible, thereby making Hungary an important point of reference for the international community;
  • ensuring that Hungary serves as an example for Europe in the implementation of common European Union regulations by developing a supportive regulatory environment;
  • significantly improving the competitiveness of Hungarian enterprises through the widespread implementation of unmanned aerial vehicles and the related technological improvements while respecting personal rights;
  • involving a large number of Hungarian startups and small and medium-sized enterprises in the development and production of unmanned aerial vehicles and the implementation of related solutions, perhaps even in partnership with large enterprises or universities and in international cooperation;
  • enabling an improvement in competitiveness at a rate that is measurable at the scale of the national economy through the widespread use of unmanned aerial vehicles and the technologies based on them.

In this spirit and in line with the objectives set out above, the mission of the coalition is to provide a permanent platform for professional cooperation for developers, users (both private and government entities) as well as academic and professional organisations. It also intends to support the DroneMotive initiative which deals with the use, development and testing of unmanned aerial vehicles as well as the related training. The organisation also acts as a think tank and plans to establish expert panels and workgroups and organise conferences going forward.

The professional input of the coalition is also required for developing Hungary's drone strategy to ensure that there is a favourable economic and regulatory environment to inspire technological development utilising unmanned aerial vehicles and the implementation of such technologies.

The organisation's founding members (of which there are over 60 and include government ministries, supporting institutions and advocacy groups, as well as academic institutions and industry players) strive to cooperate to the best of their abilities and put their experience to use in their professional efforts and to work towards improving Hungary's competitiveness in this field.