We are proud to report that our Pocketdoc (Pocketdoki) project is finalized: we have developed an integrated, Hungarian healthcare digital instrument and cloud-based app designed to ensure more effective screening of endemic diseases and to become the new way for patient itinerary organization. Thanks to the digital assistant developed by INNObyte Informatikai Zrt., even users less able to operate smart devices given their situation or age will be able to send a ‘remote medical report’ from home to their doctor.

The outcome of the development concluded on 12 May 2021 is a cloud-based application that stores patient data, health parameters, contact details of their doctors and – via an encrypted, standard interface – forwards the ‘remote medical report’ to a central database, or if required to the patient’s doctor or designated relatives. The app also stores details of the last measurements on a smart device and compares incoming data with the characteristic parameters of the patient, it provides feedback on this analysis and it also suggests carrying out further tests depending on the pre-set healthcare limits.

Operating the device has been simplified through the development of a ‘healthcare assistant’, which supports understanding of verbal instructions as well as reading texts and data shown on the screen, thus helping users who may have difficulties using smart devices.

This is the first integrated instrument on the market capable of measuring – reliably – several healthcare parameters, digitalizing the results, furthermore, comparing the digital data, thereby enabling the formation of a standardized state-of-health picture for users and communicating in Hungarian.

Thanks to this investment, and despite the external circumstances caused by the COVID19 pandemic, we have been able to retain 30 workplaces.

The development was supported by the GINOP-2.1.2-8.1.4-16 funding construction within the Széchenyi 2020 programme. Its entire budget was HUF 347.3 million, of which HUF 121.6 million was funding.