The team

While everything is digitalized in the world, the role of informatics is upvalued by leaps and bounds year by year, often month by month there is a serious lack of professional teams implementing IT projects also within this developing custom applications and adaptation of integrational tasks in high quality. One of the motor springs of formation INNObyte was even initiation of proprietary software production, it is not a coincidence that most of the INNObyte team counting near 200 people presently are IT experts, IT economists, programmers or mathematician specialists taking part in software production directly; the number of the people responsible for operation of the firm, administration, monetary affairs or communication is under 10%. We are looking for partners, we are thinking in teams, that is why we do not regret time, energy for recruitment. Last year we were able to assemble an elite corps which is able to understand the clients and the expectations perfectly, working fast, effectively and in high quality.

Lengyel Kálmán CEO

The motto ’Make IT simple’ is really true for us: we implement projects rationally, within reasonable limits, so that grey matter, that added value which is present in this firm serves the business interests at the highest level not in over-complicated way, but expediently, rationally. If you have a pain, you get a general painkiller, many IT companies relate to their clients like this. INNObyte is thinking in a different way: it provides unique solutions intentionally

molnár józsef Communications Director

The orderer and the software developer are speaking two different languages. When the orderer says that he needs an application he is seeing a nice colour picture in his mind’s eye, however the developer is seeing processes and bits. That is why it happens that the result does not correspond with the orderer’s conception. Every firm might have good developers, but there are only few people knowing how to approach these two worlds. Those will be successful in the market who are able to assess the orderers’ needs exactly.”

Blénessy László CEO Advisor

One of the biggest advantages of INNObyte is flexibility and agility. As the decision-making is fast as well, we are able to react to the market needs immediately. There is a big sensibility to the new technologies, that is why we provide innovative services, develop unique softwares. We are not thinking in patterns, we always make unique solutions for unique needs.

Széchenyi 2020